College athletes should be getting paid

As hard enough it is to maintain good grades and go to practice everyday, college athletes should be getting paid is here’s why.

As being a student athlete in college, a full time college student is 12+ credit hours a week. That is at least a hour a day in a class. Most college students have about 3-4 classes a day. Statistics shows that you should be studying for about 2-3 hours per class outside of class. Whatever sport you play, usually you are training or having practice for about 3-4+ hours a day depending on how serious you are about the sport outside of practice.

The point I am coming across is by time you get home from classes, practice and studying, it is already 7pm at night. It takes another hour just to shower and eat dinner. After all of those hours on campus and at practice your body is ready to give up. You are extremely tired and as a college athlete I can vouch for myself. We don’t have that much time on our hands to really get a job. Even if we were to try and get a job on campus, a college sport is very demanding on taking up your time. Depending on what school you go to, not all campuses has a meal plan. There are times students struggle with finding what there next meal may be.

A lot of times athletes travel all across the world to play at a college that may be no where near there home. Not everyone brings a lot of money with them where they can be financially stable. Most times they depend on FAFSA and take on thousands of dollars in student loan to only put themselves in financial debt years later. Now I know college is not s pro sport but if you are traveling across the world to play for a school then you should be getting paid. Especially that the sport is taking up so much of your time. Only time you may feel as if you have days off is on the weekends and that is a slight chance that happens due to you having games and sometimes practice for a upcoming game. If you are not on full scholarship at a school, it is basically like you are paying the school because you won’t have enough money to cover everything.

With all of that being said, I hope one day the NCAA allows student athletes to get paid one day. there will never not be a time where the sport and school demands most of your time so they might as well allow them to get paid.



I can learn a lot from this blog. This blog talks about so many things that I can even think of when watching the games. There’s a few things that I love about the blog and there is something slight that I do not like about the blog.

Things I Like: after going down this blog, ProBasketballTalk mentions about a lot of the little things that you might not see or hear about. I love how consistent they are when posting. This blog shows me scores of mainly every game, even shows schedules or stats of a person or game. They way it looks, it even gives you a option to buy tickets for a very low price.

Things I do not like: I rarely found things I don’t like in this blog. The only and main thing I probably don’t like on this blog is how short each post is. They don’t really expand on each topic. All they do is mention the topic and leave it as that. Where on my blog I expand on each topic, give my opinions and comparisons between mine and others opinion.

If I could change a few things on my blog, it would mainly be the consistency. If you look at my blog compared to ProBasketballTalk, they are posting something almost every hour. This blog gives me many of ideas to make post about or even expand on the topics they have posted. This blog makes me want to look more into games or even the the sport I’m talking.


Is LeBron James Washed up?

Going into year 17, I believe LeBron James is not washed up and is looking as healthy and better than ever and here’s why.

Me and LeBron are both from the same place, Akron, Ohio. Now that doesn’t automatically mean I have to like him. I personally feel as if he is the greatest player of all time, in other words the GOAT. Arguably better than Michael Jordan. Right now LeBron is averaging 25.7 points, 7.1 rebounds, 11.0 assists. Those aren’t just average numbers for someone who’s supposed to be “washed up” in year 17. You’d think there body is just wore out and at some point just give up.


LeBron James stats
Kawhi Leonard stats

The reason I have both LeBron and Kawhi is because lately the talk of the NBA is who’s better out of the two. Women lie, men lie…. but numbers don’t! If you look at both of their last 2 seasons, LeBron is clearly winning that battle. Kawhi takes a decent team to the finals and wins and now he’s all of a sudden the best player in the world. Also, LeBron is in his 17th season doing great numbers as if he Miami heat Lebron. Kawhi has been in the NBA for 9 years. None of his stats compare to what leBron has done all 17 years. He came into the NBA averaging 20+ points, 5+ rebounds and 5+ assists. Kawhi only averaged 7.9 points, 1.1 assist and 5.1 rebounds in his first year in the NBA.

The video above is a argument or debate between Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless about if LeBron is washed up or not. Shannon is a huge LeBron Fan so he’s all about LeBron. With that being said, of course Shannon believes LeBron is not washed up. Skip on the other hand is the “CEO of the LeBron hate club” as said by Shannon Sharpe and I agree. LeBron could have his best night as possible and skip will try to find ways to down talk LeBron. I am 100% agreeing with Shannon sharpe says. LeBron’s performance itself pretty much supports my argument.


Myles Garrett Vs. Mason Rudolph.. Who’s in the Wrong?

Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph has caused a huge commotion to the football community and I feel as if Mason Rudolph is in the wrong and here’s why.

Before watching the game, I think it is safe to say the Browns were the underdog going into the game. No one expected the brown to win (21-7, browns won). With that, tempers are already flaring in the air. Mason Rudolph, Steelers quarterback, threw for 221 yards, going 23/44, 1 TD and 4 interceptions. 4 interceptions for a QB is terrible especially for a professional QB. Due to that the Steelers also had a few injuries happen early in the game. It all around wasn’t a good night for the Steelers.

Now here is why I believe Rudolph is in the wrong. If you closely watch the video at about 1:45, you can simply see that Rudolph is the initiator of the fight. Once Garrett sacked Rudolph whether you can argue if it is a late hit or not, Rudolph tried to take Garrett’s helmet off first and he was mainly the aggressor the whole time. Now they both are in the wrong, but if someone tried to yank your helmet off while you are already surrounded by 2 other lineman, how do you react to that? Now when Rudolph’s helmet was off, why continue to be aggressive and try to charge Garrett after what had just happened?

According the Max Kellerman- He thinks Rudolph is in the wrong. Rudolph was the aggressor even when his helmet was taken off he tried to still come at Garrett. Rudolph also tries to take Garrett’s helmet off first and he initiated to the fight.

According to Stephen A. Smith- He believes Garrett is completely in the wrong. His argument is more so of Garrett should have never swung the helmet at Rudolph’s head that actually connected. Smith said “I think Myles Garrett will be lucky if he doesn’t get suspended for 14 games. I think he will be lucky if he doesn’t get suspended for the final 6 games of this regular season and the first 8 games of the next season. Now that might be a bit too excessive….”

Thoughts On That

I am going to have to agree with both Smith and Kellerman but more of Kellerman because he supports my argument. The reason I say I am agreeing with both is because even though I believe Rudolph initiated the fight and kept being the aggressor, Garrett should have been the bigger man and evacuated the scene. Even if he did rip of Rudolph’s helmet, he should have left it at that and never swung the helmet. Now that still doesn’t mean Rudolph should have kept being aggressive. Rudolph is still in the wrong and I am sticking to that.